How your home is transported and installed

The premise behind modular homes is that building process is improved in both quality & speed because we create them in a factory setting.

The premise behind modular homes is that the building process is improved in both quality and speed because we create them in a factory setting. What is not explained very often is the sheer genius of how the home is transported, once completed, to the property where it will be placed. Many elements are involved to ensure this is done properly and effectively, including: the initial design of the module; how it is built; how it is secured; how it is transported; and finally, how it is assembled.

How your home is transported and installed

What is a module?

All of our homes are designed using a modular approach, which is where the name modular home came from. They are carefully designed so that the home can be split into smaller sections. This is integral to shipping the home as the house can be easily moved in portable parts. The modules come together at the client’s property to create a seamless home. Here is how we do it.

Built to be transported

At Manor Homes we pride ourselves on involving our customers throughout the entire designing and building process. The one element we do not have to involve you with is the technicalities around moving your modular home. This extra step at our end involves carefully considering the size, weight and stability of the individual modules. It is for this reason that modular built homes are often stronger as a whole than traditionally built homes. Each module needs to be built to withstand the transport process. We have gone to great lengths to design a good quality home for you and we want to ensure it reaches you in the same excellent condition.

How do we build it?

We start the modules with a strong base – a custom built, engineered structural steel chassis. Your home’s frame is then built. In the factory we check that the modules can come apart for transport and that the whole home looks seamless when connected together. Ninety percent of the entire modular build is done in the factory setting. This increases the speed of the build because we are not affected by the weather conditions nor time transporting materials to the build site. It also means your home retains its excellent quality as it is never left out in the rain, wind or sun. When completed, the modules are split apart and prepared for transport. We secure and reinforce each carefully so that they arrive at their destination safe and sound.

The road best travelled

When the modules are loaded and secured onto their individual trucks, it is not as simple as the drivers typing your address into their navigation systems. The route to the land is carefully planned in partnership with the local road authority. Whether your property is in the city, suburbia, countryside or at the beach, the safest path is organised to get it there. This may not always be the quickest or shortest route but the safe delivery of your home is paramount to our team. We leave nothing to chance. The trucks will then travel to your site (following all prescribed routes and travel restrictions), where the footings will have already been prepared earlier.

Assembling your house

Next is the exciting part! You can watch as what was an empty site comes to life. We move your home into place and unload it module by module. Each module is unloaded with a hydraulic jack or crane, depending on the requirements for your home and site. This is another benefit of building a modular home: whether your property is on a steep, sloping or awkwardly shaped block, we can provide a solution. Because the homes are built in a factory setting, the builders do not need to be constantly maneuvering equipment on an awkward site. In comparison to a traditional build, this is safer for all those involved and ensures you receive a better quality home. The only time we need to navigate the difficult block is when we are placing the house onto your property.

The house is installed onto piers, which serve as an alternative to traditional stumps. These are long steel tubes which are screwed into the ground and the house rests on the part that sticks up. The modules are carefully fitted together, like an enormous and finely made three dimensional puzzle. Now that your modules have been made into a house, all of your services are connected: gas, electricity, plumbing and so forth. Then the finishing touches can be completed that were not possible until the house was assembled. The garage goes up, verandahs and decks are built, the house is painted.

From house to home

Now that your house is assembled, connected and completed, it is all over to you! Your house is a fresh, blank canvas for you to add your individual style. Move your furniture in, hang your pictures on the wall and add all the creature comforts to make your brand new house a home.

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