The Top Design Features On Recent Manor Homes

In this blog, we take a look at some of the top design features on recent Manor Homes and how they can work for you and your property…

With Manor Homes, you have over 40 design choices to pick from when building a new home. Our team have created each floor plan to bring you the best of modern living, in either a small footprint for low-maintenance living or for a large family home. In this blog, we take a look at some of the best design features in recent Manor Homes and how they can work for you and your property…

Stepless Walk-In Shower

Nothing says modern bathroom like a sleek shower. The floor of this bathroom in a recently completed home is uninterrupted by a step, delivering clean lines in this bathroom. The simple glass wall without a door gives the bathroom a larger feel without being closed off.

Raked Ceilings

In select Manor Home designs, you have the option for a raked ceiling in the home’s living areas. The high ceilings are a great way to add vertical space to your living area and make the whole house feel lighter and roomier. We love this home’s great country styling, which still makes such a large space feel cosy.


Adding skylights to your home is the best way to increase natural light all year round. In addition to extra light, the skylight means less reliance on artificial lighting and reduced overall energy consumption. Also, we think this bathroom would be the best way to take a morning shower when the sun is shining!

Entertainment Decking

This beautiful decking lies under the home’s main roofline, and with its fully finished ceiling, lighting and fan, this area feels like just another room of the house. Complete with a timber railed handrail for added safety, the deck lies right off this home’s main living and kitchen area, making it perfect for entertaining. Oh, and the view is pretty special as well!

Top Design Features On Recent Manor Homes

At Manor, we can help you get the home that suits you and your lifestyle. No matter what design features you love, our team will work with you to make sure we deliver the home you envisioned. Explore all the home designs from Manor and find the right home for you.

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