What are our internal walls made of?

Are you curious about what we use at Manor Homes to build our internal walls? We use engineered steel to make our frames and here’s why.

What are our internal walls made of?

We often get questions from potential customers that ask what our internal walls are made of in our modular homes.

By the way, when the phrase internal walls is used, we’re taking it to include the walls that go around the perimeter of the home as well as the walls between bedrooms and bathrooms within the home itself. For the purposes of this discussion, the word internal just means it’s hidden behind the external cladding and plasterboard.

We’re happy to say that our internal wall frames are all made from 90mm engineered and certified steel. We manufacture all the frames here in our factory using a special steel framing machine.

So why do we prefer to use steel for our frames?

We’re glad you asked!

Steel frames are strong and straight.

We simply love the strength that these steel frames supply! They’ll never bend or warp, no matter what the weather conditions might be. This makes them extremely easy to work with and we end up with perfectly straight walls, unlike what can happen when timber frames are used.

Steel frames are cost-effective because they’re manufactured on site.

Because we manufacture all of our frames on site, they’re extremely cost-effective to produce. This is good news for our customers because we can pass the savings on.

They’re faster to manufacture.

With our computerised state-of-the-art steel framing machine, we can make these frames quickly. This cuts down the time it takes us to build each modular home. There’s no more waiting for timber supplies to arrive and the extra time it takes to construct timber frames is saved.

Steel frames and trusses are more lightweight.

We find that steel frames and trusses are much easier to handle and put into place because they’re lighter than corresponding timber frames. This eliminates the need for us to use or hire a crane to lift the roof trusses into place. Of course this results in more cost savings for our customers.

There’s less wastage which is good for the environment.

When manufacturing our steel frames, we find that there’s very little wastage when compared to the timber frames we used years ago. In fact we only have to get our steel wastage removed around once a month whereas previously, we’d have to get the timber off cuts removed once a week.

The steel off cuts get placed into a metal bin that gets picked up by a steel recycling company to be recycled for other uses. This makes steel frames much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than timber frames.

Our engineered steel frames are termite-proof.

The fact that our steel frames are termite-proof is welcome news to our customers who live in rural or remote areas where termites are usually more prevalent. This means that the structural integrity of your home will never be compromised because termites can’t eat through the steel frames.

Although your local council will still require an annual termite inspection because there will be some timber components within the actual building, you’ll know that your house is structurally sound.

The finishing touches offer strength and security.

For added strength and security the internal frames are all screwed right down to the solid steel sub-floor. This means that they’re solid and won’t move.

Once the steel frames are up we then glue and screw plasterboard to either side of the frames and fill the cavity with insulation for year-round comfort.

Our steel frames offer many advantages!

As you can see, our steel frames offer a lot of advantages not only to our manufacturing processes but also to our many happy customers. Check out the video in an article on the Framecad website that talks about our use of steel frames and what’s so good about them.

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