Five things to look for when viewing a display home

In this article we'll take a look at five key things to look for when touring a modular display home at any local home show.
five things to look when viewing a display home

With modular construction taking off here in Australia, it pays to adhere to the recent Modular Construction Codes Board handbook. Assembled in recent months, it helps bring a best practices approach to how to successfully build modular homes.

As someone who is considering building a modular home, many of the best practices outlined in the above handbook can help you learn about what to scope out. You still need to do some careful vetting on modular homes to avoid poor quality materials.

Take a look at five key things to look for when touring a modular display home at any local home show.

1. How Durable are the Materials?

The best modular homes here in Australia now use steel chassis to add to the durability level. Part of the reason for using this is to help prevent damage when transporting the house to a particular location.

Even though all modular housing materials are recycled, it doesn’t take away from how durable they are. When using steel, it can also shield your house from intense winds that sometimes ravage Australia.

Always ask the manufacturer about what kind of materials the home has when inspecting a display model.

2. How Many Sustainable Materials Does the House Have?

Environmental awareness has increased exponentially here in Australia over the last decade. Modular homes play a big part in the environment because the best ones use sustainable materials.

It’s not to say you might not find a few trying to cheat you on this. Be sure to check what kind of insulation the home has, quality ventilation, and shading. Many of the best ones also add solar power to aid in energy efficiency.

One thing you can count on is a real modular home already brings less waste. Work is always done off-site to avoid material waste. Ask and find out if the home truly was constructed this way.

3. Look for Modular Construction Identification on the Home

To scope out the fake modular homes from the real deal, you have some ways to determine it’s not a sham. All prefabricated homes have a metal tag on the outside of each section indicating its construction method. You can also find this identification in kitchen cabinets or your bedroom closets. Your electric panel box provides proof as well.

Keep in mind you may have to look in those alternative places since not all modular homes have outdoor tags. Nevertheless, existing tags always indicate the date when the manufacturing took place.

4. Assuring Your Modular Home is Suitable for the Land You Bought

The greatness of modular homes is you can place them on any tract of land. What’s problematic is when you find out the land you bought doesn’t allow you to move these homes there.

Sometimes you’ll find specific neighbourhoods that don’t allow prefabricated housing due to land laws.

When you buy your land, make sure it’s suitable first so you’re not forced to move your modular home to another location at the last minute.

5. A Guide Through the Home’s Design and Development

Above all, if you’re viewing a modular display home, have the manufacturer give you a personally guided tour of how they developed the design.

You want something that’s both efficient and affordable, including adaptability. Gaining technical advice when it’s placed on the land of your choosing means you’ll fully understand how much you’ll realistically save in energy year-round. Plus, you’ll know what you can do to reuse the materials in the future when wanting exterior or interior changes.

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