Is a Knockdown Rebuild the choice for you?

Getting your dream home isn’t just for those who have an empty site ready to go! There’s another way & that’s with Manor knockdown rebuild!

etting your dream home isn’t just for those who have an empty site ready to go! There’s another way too – and that’s with a knockdown rebuild with Manor!

What is a Knockdown Rebuild?

There are a couple of different types of knockdown rebuild – one involves the complete removal of an existing home, and the site is then cleared and prepared for your brand new home to arrive. Then there is a partial rebuild, where a building or part of a home remains on the site, and the rest is then readied for a new addition such as a stand-alone extension that adds a new modular building to your property.

Why choose a knockdown rebuild?

– Stay in your current location: if you love where you currently live, but want to expand or upgrade on your home, then a modular knockdown rebuild with us is a great option.

– Save on real estate: you often won’t have to re-register land, pay stamp duty or agent and legal fees. It also means you aren’t reliant on your current home being sold, so you can get into your dream home much quicker!

– Boost property value: By updating your home you can add to its resale value, while also making your new home more modern and energy efficient.

Knockdown Rebuild

The Knockdown Rebuild Process

With Manor, you can get your dream home on your current site speedily and easily! It starts by picking a home design that suits your style, and with a wide range to choose from, you’ll be able to get the look you want for your new home! Another great advantage of modular building is that each of our designs can be tailored and customised, meaning you can make the most of you site and space and get all the features you want.

Once you’ve chosen and tailored your home, you’ll get to choose all your colours, fixtures and fittings – so whether you prefer a traditional country style or a more contemporary finish, you’ll be able to choose your selections to suit.

Now that your floor plan is decided, and the final finish chosen, we begin building in our factory. While this happens, your site is cleared and any footings and bases that are required are prepared. Your new home is built to near completion within the factory, before the big day arrives and your new modular home is delivered to site. Once in place all the finishing touches are made ready for you to move into your brand-new home!

Benefits Of a Knockdown Rebuild

Along with adding value to your property and allowing you to stay in your favourite location, a knockdown rebuild has several other benefits.

– Thanks to our factory build process, your build isn’t at the mercy of the weather or other external factors, so we know exactly when your home will be ready, which will often be much quicker than a traditional build.

– It also allows us to monitor every step of the build very closely allowing us to deliver the extremely high-quality homes that we are known for.

– Having your home nearly completed off site means there is minimal disruption to you and your neighbours – everything is scheduled to make the process of clearing and preparing the site and delivering your new home easy and with less time required on site.

– The fact that our designs can be fully customised also means that you can get a home that perfectly fits your site or compliments your existing home, so you can get all the space you need!

We can help!

Manor can assist you every step of the way, with everything from helping you to design your home to suit your lifestyle and work for your site, to planning and organising schedules for site preparation! We’ll also be with you throughout your selections process to make sure your dream home looks exactly how you want it on the inside! We’ll keep you informed and up to date throughout the process – so you’ll know exactly what’s happening and when you’ll be able to start living in your brand-new home!

If you love where you live but want to get into your dream home and improve your property value, why not talk to us today about how we can help with your knockdown rebuild!

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